Some of the best wines in the world are made in Victoria, Australia. 21 regions are containing more than 800 wineries.

How It Began

Historically the wine industry began in a vineyard located in the Yarra Valley at a Yering Station vineyard. This dates back to 1838. Yarra Valley now houses 300 vineyards and approximately 160 wineries. Some of the famous wineries are Sutherland Estate, Oakridge Wines, and TarraWarra Estate. The climate here is the perfect setting, coupled with a combination of limestone and granite soil in the valley, and the fertile red soil in the upper part of Yarra. Also, Swiss settlers began planting grapes in the mid 19th century.


Another one of Victoria’s older wine regions is Sunbury. Sunbury is conveniently located ten minutes away from Melbourne airport. The grapes grown here in this dry climate, along with its volcanic soil, produce great fruity wines, as well as Shiraz. Some of the finest wineries here are Craiglee and Goona Warra. Witchmount created the 2004 award-winning Estate Shiraz, which was the top of it’s kind in the world.

Geelong and the Bellarine

Geelong and the Bellarine region is one of the largest areas in Victoria for grape growing. This region hosts a maritime climate and has very diverse soils. Some of these soils include river loam, sandy loam, volcanic soils, and basalt plains. In 1842, Swiss settlers began planting grapevines. Now, today, since the region’s resurgence in 1966, over 60 vineyards are located in this area. Some of the popular ones are the Jack Rabbit Vineyard, Leura Park Estate and Oakdene Vineyards Winery. This region produces great Shiraz and Chardonnays. James Halliday, who is known for his list of “best of the best” wines, often features these regions for Shiraz and Chardonnay wines.

Mornington Peninsula

This area of Victoria is well known for producing Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio. Popular places to visit for wine tasting and dining are Tucks Ridge, Montalto Vineyard and the Red Hill Estate.

Macedon Ranges

Due to these regions cool climates, they are limited to the wines they can produce. However, this type of climate is perfect for Shiraz, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This region also produces a sparkling wine labelled as Macedon. Popular wineries which can be found here are Hanging Rock Winery, Curly Flat, Granite Hills and Gisborne Peak.


Heathcote is located in Victoria, Australia, just north of Melbourne, and was once known as a logging and gold mining town. In the 1850s, German settlers developed land and planted grapevines to the north of Heathcote. However, these grape crops were destroyed by phylloxera, otherwise known as the vine louse. Many years later, Italian settlers planted grapevines to the north-east of Heathcote in the bush. Some of these grapevines are still in existence today. The Heathcote region has approximately 70 vineyards and 40 wineries. This region is well known for producing a very high-quality Shiraz wine.

King Valley

Located in the high country of Victoria, this region produces top-notch quality premium wines, in every wine style. Here you will find a wide variety of fortified and sparkling wines.