Ask anyone what the best wineries in Victoria, Australia are, and you may get many different answers. This is because they are in abundance in this area, and for most, it will come down to a matter of opinion. However, there are some which are so well known that they are often listed as being some of the best.

Yileena Park

There are several different wineries in the Yarra Valley, but this particular one is listed as a favourite of many. This is classed as a cellar door winery and vineyard. It is family-owned and has been in existence since 1998. It encompasses five acres of Pinot Noir, plus five acres of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It also has 2.5 acres of Merlot vineyards. The lands are kept cool and shielded by the Christmas Hills. One of the reasons that such fine wine is produced here is because of the grey loam, which makes up the soil. Each acre can produce approximately one to two tons of fruit.

Scion Wine

This winery has become popular as a result of being part of one of the popular wine tours for the region. What makes it stand out is that it is committed to artisan wines. The wines are produced in small batches with care being given to each of them. There is a good selection comprised of reds to whites, along with some fine dessert wines. Those who are visiting may get the chance to do some wine tasting when they can come to their own conclusions.

Campbells Wines

One winery which is very well known and highly respected is Campbells Wines. They have been in this industry for 145 years, so they have the experience and plenty of time to build their reputation. They are in the Rutherglen wine region, which is highly recognised for the production of exceptional wines.

Ringer Reef Winery

For those who prefer a cold climate wine, then this is a winery to visit. It is considered to be a small scale establishment but has become highly recognised for the quality of their wines. It has an onsite cellar which most visitors are impressed with. Along with some excellent wine tasting experiences, visitors can also enjoy a delectable lunch and a spectacular view.

These are just a small example of what some of the wineries are like in the Victoria Region. Many more could be added to the list. With so many different wineries, one may be hard-pressed to choose a favourite, but it is unlikely that any wine enthusiast would be disappointed with what they can find here.

For those who are visiting Victoria, and are intent on learning more about the wine industry here, they want to allow ample time to do so.