For those who are looking for a wine that comes from Victoria Australia, then they are looking for Victorian wine. There are a lot that may be new to wine that are not aware of how important the wine industry is in Victoria.

Wine Producers

One of the aspects of wine in Victoria is that it has more wine producers than any of the other states in Australia that are known for wine production. The only negative aspect of this region is the shortage of wine-producing areas. As a result, it holds third place overall for wine production. Going back in history, there was a time around the 1890s where Victoria was recognised as having to produce more than half the wine that Australia, on the whole, was able to produce. Unfortunately, this was badly affected by the phylloxera epidemic. This was an attack on the grapevines by pests that were known worldwide. As a result of this epidemic, the industry for wine in Victoria did not recover fully until the 1950s.

Purchase of Vineyards

Since Victoria’s recovery in the wine industry, it has been a successful market. The vineyards are popular are often of interest to other countries such as China. It was not long ago that the third-place winemaker in China purchased a vineyard in Swan Hill Victoria.

What Makes Victoria Ideal for Wine Production?

One of the outstanding factors about Victoria is that it has a lot of diversity in regards to its environment. Some of the areas enjoy a warm climate. This is found along the north and west rims of the state. Included in this area is the Swan Hill and Rutherglen areas along with Murray Darling. The wines created in these regions have a sweet fruity flavour to them as a result of the long drying time that takes place during the autumn months.

Then there are the cooler areas. Here this encompasses the Yara Valley. The best wines that can be found here are the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir selections.

History of Victoria Wine Industry

Going back in time to 1854 starts with the introduction of wineries in Victoria. The earliest recording of plantings took place near Yering. This was done by a man who came from Switzerland by the name of Hubert de Castella. The goal of this individual was to produce enough wine to supply of all England. It was a grand plan, but one that was soon to be destroyed. This was as a result of the phylloxera hitting Australia. Then added to this was a temperance movement that is evolving at the time, and the economy, in general, was uncertain. As if this was not enough, there was a short of labourers during the first world war.

In the early parts of the history of wine for Victoria, the majority of the wine being produced was coming from the cooler regions, which was along the Southern coastal areas. Then eventually, more attention was given to the warmer regions. As wine was being developed here, it wasn’t long before it earned the reputation of being an area able to produce sweeter wines. This was thanks to the late harvest for the grapes. The grapes are left to the points where they almost become a raisin through shrinkage. Then after this, they are stored in oak barrels for ageing. This ageing process can range from months to years. The oak barrels need to be stored in hot tin sheds.

Most Popular Victorian Wines

When it comes to wine, everyone has their favourites. When asked which are the most popular wines of Victoria it may come down to a matter of opinion, but the major wines produced here have been ranked. This is according to popularity and cost.

Based on Price

For those who class a wine according to its price then the following are some of the most expensive wines to be produced in Victoria

Bass Phillip Reserve Pinot Noir: The grape used for this wine is Pinot Noir. The cost for a case of this wine on average is $781. Cdn.

Wild Duck Creek Estate, Duck Muck Shiraz: Made with a Shiraz grape and costs about $337 a case.

The Most Popular

For those who shop for wines based on its popularity, the top five wines in this category from Victoria are:

  • Mount Mary Quintet Red Blend
  • Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir
  • Giaconda Chardonnay,
  • Yarra Yering Dry Red No.1
  • Innocent Bystander Moscato Sparkling

The Best Wines

The most popular wines are not necessarily those that are ranked as the best wines. The top five in the best wines list are:

  • Chambers Rosewood Vineyards Rare Muscat
  • Crawford River Reserve, Riesling
  • Paradise IV Wines Dardel Shiraz
  • Seppelt Drumborg Riesling
  • Main Ridge Estate Half Acre Pinot Noir


Often those who are intent on buying wines produced in Victoria will focus on the most prominent regions. Which includes:

  • Central Victoria
  • North East Victoria
  • Western Victoria
  • Port Phillip

Within each of these regions, there are many sub-regions. Basically, anyone that enjoys fine wines could make all of their wine purchases from Victoria itself. There is such a large selection, and with the diversity of the regions, there are plenty of different types to choose from. These can range from sweet to bitter, and they cover a huge price range.

For those that are visiting Victoria, they could spend their entire vacation just visiting the different vineyards and wineries and still not cover them all.